The Best Way to Teach Excellent Handwriting

“Better Letter Formation, with Less Frustration for All.”


Finally there is a smarter and easier way to easily teach kids how to print well. The Teacher’s Alphabet Handwriting system gives teachers and homeschooling parents a visual way to teach kids the fundamentals of excellent letter making and pencil control by mastering 10 Foundation Exercises.

The Teacher’s Alphabet presents the 52 letters of the Upper and Lower Case Alphabets as 11 graduated Directional Groups.

In the beginning workbooks, students master the easiest letters and shapes first, and, by working through the later workbooks, master the harder directional letter groups. All workbooks and teaching materials use tTA’s exclusive 5 line Special Spot Paper format.


Invented and perfected in the classroom to help pre-K’s, students quickly learn to print better than most parents. This system also works exceptional well for older kids and adults. Teacher’s Manual, Teacher’s Script, “Letter Recipes,” Student Workbooks, narrated letter-drawing videos.

WOULD YOU LIKE Downloadable Step-by-Step Videos with your printed materials? Look Below . . .

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