The Best Teaching Order for Teaching First-Time Printers

If you have already tried to teach your kids to print, you know how insanely hard it is to teach beginning printers, how to make their letters and numbers well. You also know how truly frustrating it can be for everyone. Teaching children to print well can be accomplished easily and naturally in a way that children enjoy and can accomplish.

The Teacher’s Alphabet Handwriting System presents teachers and homeschooling parents with a new, more visual way to teach and draw the Upper and Lower Case Letters and their related numbers. Through a series of 10 Foundation Exercises, the 26 letters of the Uppercase Alphabet and the 26 letters of the Lowercase Alphabet, along with the 10 Numbers, are now all arranged into 11 Directional Teaching Groups.

The easiest to make letters are taught in the First groups and then the Groups gradually get harder. Each Group focuses on a particular skill, and has a specific shape focus. Some Groups have Foundation Exercises that are mastered before that Letter Group is even practiced.

Each Number is taught with a related letter in the Letter Group they belong to. We even came up with two new lines, called Special Spot Lines, so kids no longer have to guesstimate where the circular letters start or finish.

In the Teacher’s Alphabet System, students develop mastery at each and every step they take. They know what to do and the strokes they need to make to make the shapes they want to draw. With our “Letter Recipes” Teachers know what to say, with our Teacher’s Manual they know when to say it, and then, with our new lines, everybody knows how to make the letters and numbers excellently, and what to look for.

Our system develops the early confidence every child needs, great letter making, and creates much less frustration than other methods currently available. Our system makes happier teachers and homeschooling parents because they don’t have to go over the same things over and over with frustrated students. Our new lines take the “guesstimation” out of making the curved letters and frustration out of teaching them.
With our 5 Line Special Spot paper and easiest-to-hardest teaching order, our students loved learning to write their letters and numbers and they progressed very quickly. Surprisingly, our pre-k’s, within a few weeks, were printing better than their parents.  Oh yes, our system definitely works for older students and adults, who need to improve their handwriting as well.

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Don’t Let Your Handwriting Teaching Materials Fail Your Students!

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If You Would Like Videos to Go With Your Teacher's Manual and Student Workbook, Watch this Video

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