The Better Way To Teach Handwriting

The biggest problem people have with learning to print is that handwriting teachers don’t have the time or the curriculum to teach students how to make their letters and numbers correctly the first time. Students never practice the right habits necessary to make their letters and teachers don’t have enough time to oversee each of them. So our American educational system fall victim to the “good enough” excuse. If it “looks like” the letter or number they want, then it is “good enough.” With The Teacher’s Alphabet, every letter has a “Letter Recipe” and every stroke is included, explained, and practiced before specific letters are attempted. In this way, everyone knows what is expected and everyone can achieve and eventually teach each other. In our system, the faster to master student can effectively teach the “slower” students.

From The Teacher's Alphabet YouTube Channel

As experienced educators, we found that early elementary teachers are not taught how to teach handwriting effectively to first-time printing students.

Students never practice the necessary exercises they need to build their handwriting skills. Teachers don’t have the time or training to oversee their students properly. So our educational system falls victim to the “good enough” excuse. If it “looks like” the letter or number they want, then it is “good enough.” Student “fake it” and their teachers give up trying to help them improve their handwriting.

The Old Teaching 3-Line Teaching Order that never has worked.

The New 5 Line Teaching Order that enables preschoolers to gain mastery and  makes them better printers than most adults, in just a few weeks!

Don’t Let Your Handwriting Teaching Materials Fail Your Students!

Teach Them the Best Printing Habits the First Time Now!
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